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Super NES Classic Edition REVIEW | Summary of news related to new super nintendo

Are you looking for information related to this new super nintendo? see Super NES Classic Edition REVIEW in this article.

Super NES Classic Edition REVIEW | News new super nintendo Latest

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Super NES Classic Edition REVIEW and images related to this new super nintendo.

Super NES Classic Edition REVIEW

Super NES Classic Edition REVIEW

new super nintendo and Content related to content.

Is the mini SNES Classic Edition even better than the NES Classic?
Find out all about how its 21 games including Star Fox 2 hold up, emulation quality, new features, like Rewinding Suspend Points & frames, and tons more in our review of the Super Nintendo Classic Edition!

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Super NES Classic Edition REVIEW.

new super nintendo.

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49 thoughts on “Super NES Classic Edition REVIEW | Summary of news related to new super nintendo”

  1. "I found the option pointless" …no it's not pointless just because you don't want to use it others might that's want an option is! Godsake unless you demand everyone play it with black bars it's not POINTLESS!

  2. I think that the nes classic had 30 games because the fact that 8 bit games took up less space, while 16 bit takes up more space. That's probably why the snes classic has 21 games.

  3. well putting your stupid lisp aside, earthbound has graphical glitches and so does contra and every mode 7 game that is on the snes classic. PLAY THE GAMES BEFORE YOU REVIEW THINGS.

  4. The reason i'm hesitant to buy it is possibly because i think it might be too pixelated on my 75" modern tv. It seems the graphics would be better on those oldschool tube tv's. Anybody experience this issue?

  5. Sorry to say, but God was your version of the SNES ugly. Square, only two colors, ginormous power and reset buttons. But yours was faster than ours at least. To think Benzaie complained that the framerate of the SNES Classic was too fast compared to what he knew… Called it a bad game system.

  6. I have the NES classic and have been really enjoying that so far, but when I got it a passed up the opportunity to get the SNES classic as well. The SNES has been going out of stock everywhere and I've been waiting and waiting to find one in a store, and my mom finally found one in bed bath and beyond of all places and I cannot wait to use it!

  7. Dude if you want to feel how retro gaming felt like and experience real nostalgia (which is the whole point of this thing) then you SHOULD GET YOUR FAT ASS UP AND HIT THE DAMN RESET BUTTON SEVERAL FEET AWAY!!! (I am pissed right now). Plug in the wee control? WTF??? The whole point is to have in your hands the original control. You sir are FIREEEEEED!!!!!

  8. I APPLAUD the Super NES Mini for NOT putting the menu button on the controller. It is NOT a problem to hit reset on the console itself. Furthermore, the LAST thing you want is the menu/reset button on the controller. That is a problem on the SEGA GENESIS Flashback. No matter how careful you are, there will be that time where you just need to pause the game and you accidentally hit reset. The Super NES Mini was SMART to not make this same mistake.

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